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Cookies are small text fragments sent as files to your computer or mobile device when you visit most websites. They can be sent by us (first party cookies) or by third party vendors or business partners (third party cookies).
They can also be either session cookies or persistent cookies.
Session cookies allow websites to recognize and associate the actions of a user during a browsing session and expire at the end of a session.
Persistent cookies help us recognize existing users and are stored on the system or device used until they expire, although it is possible to delete them before the expiration date.

Other similar technologies

Web beacons, gifs and clear gifs are small images, each with a unique identifier, that are invisibly embedded into websites and emails. Web beacons let us know if a particular page has been visited, or if the banner ads on our sites and third-party sites are effective. We also use web beacons in our HTML emails to tell us whether recipients have opened them, which helps us evaluate the effectiveness of certain communications, promotions and marketing campaigns.
Proximity-based beacons send unidirectional signals over very short distances to enable communication with associated mobile applications installed on your phone. They can, for example, provide you with notifications about experiences related to your trip and let you know about relevant offers or promotions. Beacons communicate with your device only when you are nearby and if you have given your consent to do so in the relevant mobile application.
Pixels are small objects embedded in a web page that are not visible to the user. We use pixels to send cookies to your computer, facilitate the login process, monitor activity on our sites and display online advertising.
Tags are small pieces of HTML code that tell your browser to request certain content generated by an ad server. We use tags to show you relevant advertising and promotions.
Scripts are snippets of JavaScript code that are executed automatically when certain web pages are loaded, for the purpose of determining whether users see associated advertisements.
Local storage objects, such as HTML5, are used to store content and preferences. Third parties with whom we collaborate to provide certain features on our site and display advertising based on your web browsing activity use local storage objects to collect and store information.
All described technologies described above will be collectively referred to as "cookies" in this Cookie Statement.

Our Use of Cookies

We use cookies for different purposes, including the following:

  • To help us improve your experience when you access our websites;
  • To process transactions and ensure that our sites function as intended;
  • To identify errors on our sites;
  • To help us ensure data protection and potentially detect and investigate malicious or fraudulent activity;
  • Help us understand our site traffic, including the date and time of visit, the date and time of last visit, and other information;
  • Analyze the performance of our sites.

Types of information collected by cookies

The types of information we collect through cookies include:

  • IP address;
  • Device ID;
  • Pages viewed;
  • Browser type;
  • Browsing information;
  • Operating system
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Links or URL from or to forward;
  • Features used and activities performed on our websites and applications.
  • Please see the "Categories of Personal Information We Collect" section of our Privacy Statement for more information about the types of information automatically collected.

Types and functions of cookies

Essential Cookies

Certain cookies are necessary or "essential" for our sites to function as intended. Essential cookies are necessary to navigate our site and use certain features.
These cookies are also used to save security settings that allow access to specific content. Finally, we use essential cookies to collect information about the most visited web pages so that we can improve our online services. You cannot refuse essential cookies.

Other types of cookies

We also use other types of cookies to make our site appealing and useful to you:
Analytics cookies. We use analytics cookies to:
Understand the performance of our site and how it is used, including the number of visitors, how long they stay on the site and what parts of the site they visit. We can see details about how visitors have interacted with the site, such as the number of clicks on a particular page, mouse movements and browsing activity, search words used and text entered into various fields;
Testing different designs and features for our site;
Monitor how visitors access our sites;
Determining the effectiveness of our advertising;
Improve our services, including your experience at our site.
For analytics purposes, third party service providers with whom we collaborate may use cookies to provide their services and may combine the information collected about you on our sites with other information they have collected. For example, we use Google Analytics cookies to monitor the performance of our websites. Our ability to use and share the information collected by Google Analytics about your visit to our websites is limited by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and Google's Privacy Policy.

This Cookie Statement does not cover the use of your information by these third parties.

Some analytics cookies may perform essential and/or functional tasks for online services, such as enabling improvements and testing changes to a website.
Advertising Cookies. Our site and our third party advertising partners may use advertising cookies to show you advertisements based on your interests, both on and off our sites. We may allow third parties to collect information about your online activities through cookies in order to provide their services, and they may combine the information collected about you on our sites with other information they have collected. These third parties include business partners who collect information when you view or interact with (1) one of their advertisements on our site or (2) our advertisements or booking information on their websites and advertising networks, who collect information about your interests when you view or interact with one of their advertisements or tracking mechanisms they place on various websites. Our business partners may make assumptions about your interests, characteristics or preferences and may group you based on these assumptions in order to show you targeted advertisements.
We do not have access to the cookies that these third parties may use to collect information about your interests, and their information practices are not covered by this Cookie Statement or our Privacy Statement.
Some of these companies are part of the Network Advertising Initiative, which offers a single location to opt-out of receiving targeted ads from member companies. For more information, click here and here.

Your choices about information

To opt-out of receiving targeted online advertising on this and other sites, as well as to learn more about opting out of the use of your information for personalized advertising purposes, please visit the following resources:
  • For the EEA, Switzerland and the UK:
  • For Canada:
  • For the USA and the rest of the world
Please note that if you choose not to receive targeted ads, you will still see online advertising, but it will be of a more general nature and less relevant to you.

How can you manage your cookies?

You can set or change your browser controls to accept or decline cookies at any time. However, keep in mind that if you choose to decline cookies, your access to certain features and areas of our site may be limited.

Anti-monitoring signals and similar mechanisms

Some browsers may transmit anti-monitoring signals to the websites with which they communicate. Because of differences in the way browsers incorporate and enable this feature, it is not always clear whether users want these signals to be transmitted, or are even aware of them. The participants in the largest internet protocol organization on this subject are currently discussing what action should or should not be taken by website owners when they receive these signals. Currently, we have not taken any action in response to these signals. At such time as a final protocol is established and accepted, we will reevaluate how our sites respond to these signals and make any necessary updates to this Cookie Statement.

Contact us

If you have any questions or concerns about how we use your personal information, please contact us at Best Hotel Inn

Updates to this Cookie Statement

We may update this Cookie Statement in response to changes in legislation or technical or commercial developments. You can see the date this Cookie Statement was last updated by referring to the "Last updated" information at the top of this Cookie Statement.

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Cookies for advertising and marketing purposes
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